Guidelines Online Fee

Instructions to pay fees online

The students / parents paying the fees through the online payment systems should follow the following process for paying the fees.

1. Open browser [ Google Chrome / Mozilla / Internet Explorer or any one ] and write (Step-1 as per Screenshot).

2. Go Menu and place your mouse cursor (Do not Click) a dropdown menu comes "Fee" button (Step-2 as per Screenshot).

3. Click "Online Fee Payment" button (Step-3 as per screenshot).

A login form Page will appear

4. Enter your Login Id (Step-4 as per screenshot).
Login ID Format ( SBHCON1601 ) Where SBHCON is College ID, 16 is Admission Year and 01 is Serial number.

5. Enter you login Password (Step-5 as per screenshot).
Password will be your Date of Birth having fomat including [ / ] ( DD/MM/YYYY i.e. 25/03/1998 ).

After successful login an account page will display where stundents account details are shown, Please make sure all the details are correct.
If any account details are found inccorect please inform college account section.

6. Choose your fee payment Installment or Quartely Fee then click Pay.

In Amount field you can pay whole amount or change the amount for part payment.

7. Once satisfied that the details are correct click on the make payment "Proceed" button.

8. STEP 2 of Payment Mode shows Checklist Transaction ID, Amount, Name, Email-Id and Contact Number.
a.) If all the details are correct then go "PAY" button to Proceed Payumoney Payment Gateway.
b.) If any details are inccorect and need to correct then go to "Previous button.
9. The payment gateway will give you options of selecting payment mode through credit, debit or net banking.

10. You have to select the mode and further enter details and make the payment.

11. If Successfull payment done. It shows STEP 4 Transactions Success Completed and the other details.

11. You can Check your account after payment successfull. You must "logout" before closing browser.

If need any technical support call us : +91-7903276908 (Techmighty)

Charges for online payment are as follows
  • Credit Cards of MasterCard and Visa : 1% + service tax
  • Debit Cards of MasterCard and Visa : 0.90% + service tax For per Transaction
  • Net Banking : INR 17/- + service tax for HDFC / SBI per Transactions
  • Net Banking : INR 14/- + service tax for ICICI / AXIS Bank per Transactions
  • Net Banking : INR 10/- + service tax for Rest of all banks per Transactions
  • UPI : INR 15/- per Transactions